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A family who wishes to adopt must undergo a process of information sharing with the adopting agency. This process usually includes visits to the home and talks with family members. It also includes background checks to verify employment, criminal and child abuse history checks, and character references. The profile is used to match families with waiting children. Family profile is a unit of service offered through the SWAN program.

Consider this like a biography of the family seeking to adopt. It discusses their personal upbringing, their interaction with their biological family and their history in regard to their work-life, education and personal background, such as their spirituality, etc.


A comprehensive summary of the child’s life history. This is a unit of service offered through the SWAN program. LifeSpan works to include as much detail as possible to afford the child a document in which all that is known and can be shared with others is available. This includes, but is not limited to: Educational history, (e.g., grades, report card info, any vaccination history or standardized tests results available as well as attendance at school, etc). Furthermore, an exhaustive compilation of all medical, dental and mental health treatments is compiled into this document to document the child’s life history as well as to inform the adoptive home to the highest extent possible.



CSR is a unit of service offered through SWAN program which identifies adoptive resources for children in the custody of a county agency. Many children end up not being able to be adopted into a kinship home and perhaps their foster home is not interested in providing a permanent home to the child for whatever reason. This service is to unite a child with a home that is a good match based upon their individual history and current beliefs, etc.


A unit of service offered through the SWAN program. This process helps children work through the difficulties that can often become barriers for them in finding a permanent home. LifeSpan works to allow the child optimal understanding of the adoption/permanency process, as well as to provide them with an opportunity to retain their biological family history and help them transition into a new fulfilling life, while respecting their former household(s). Sometimes Child Preparation services are utilized to assist the child in transitioning back to his or her home of origin after an absence.



The physical relocation of a child into a pre-adoptive living situation, namely with the prospective adoptive parent or parents. When placement occurs without termination of biological parental rights, it is referred to as a legal risk placement. Placement is a unit of service offered through the SWAN program. LifeSpan will utilize available tools in making sure a match is a quality lasting one, sure to meet all involved parties’ needs.


The last legal step in the adoption process. Only after finalization do the adoptive parents have legal rights and responsibilities for the child. Finalization is a unit of service offered through the SWAN program. LifeSpan will work to guide those involved through this process in as an efficient manner as possible.


(often referred to as post-adoption services) Post-permanency services are offered through the SWAN program. They are used to support the child and family after the adoption or permanent legal guardianship has taken place. All adoptive families are eligible for Post- Permanency Services; whether or not they adopted a child from the child welfare system. Families who have adopted privately may also use these services. Other families who may receive SWAN Post-Permanency services include families who have provided permanency to children from the child welfare system as Permanent Legal Custodians or Kinship Care providers.

If you have adopted a child, (whether through a public or private adoption) or if you have been granted SPLC-Guardianship and are having issues with your child, we can use this service to help support you in resolving whatever the issue may be. Sometimes this may include providing a respite where you both can have a brief "time-out" to help calm a situation. Call LifeSpan today for this service.

SWAN = The Statewide Adoption Network

The currently approved Adoption services through SWAN include:

  • Family Profiles
  • Child Profiles
  • Child-Specific Recruitment
  • Child Preparation
  • Placement
  • Adoption Finalization
  • Post Permanency Services