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Individuals who are interested in becoming foster parents must be at least 21 years old. As you may expect, becoming a foster family involves undergoing a thorough background check. Our agency will conduct criminal background checks and child abuse clearances for everyone in your home who is 18 years old or older. While foster families don't need to be financially well-off, the approval process involves a comprehensive evaluation of your family's overall situation, including financial stability. The physical aspects of your home will also be assessed to ensure sufficient space for a child and compliance with safety standards. In addition to receiving training and support, foster parents are reimbursed for the expenses associated with caring for a foster child. Generally, healthcare costs are covered.

Several other factors are also considered:

  • Do you have the ability to provide care, nurturing, and supervision for the child?
  • Can you provide an emotionally stable environment?
  • Are you willing to help the children in your care remain connected with their family, friends, and their community?
  • It takes a special kind of person to provide stability to children in crisis when their own home is no longer suitable, at least temporarily. However, this doesn't mean that they no longer require what all kids need: security, nurturing, and guidance. Foster parents step in and provide these essential elements on a temporary basis.
  • Most children remain in foster care for a short period, and the majority eventually return to their biological families. A foster home can serve as a vital refuge, ensuring the safety of children, helping them cope with their grief and loss, and preparing them for their eventual reunion with their family. Due to these challenges, foster parenting requires special individuals who can promptly and willingly welcome children into their homes, knowing that they will need to lovingly let them go when the time comes.

Although most foster children are eventually reunited with their biological families, in cases where it is not in the child's best interest, the court may decide to terminate the parents' rights and place the child for adoption. In such instances, foster parents should play a significant role in facilitating the child's transition to an adoptive family. Alternatively, the foster parents may consider adopting the child themselves.

If a foster family decides to adopt their foster child, an adoptive family profile or home study will be conducted. Your family will have the opportunity to receive training, guidance, and interviews regarding the lifelong commitment of adoption, which differs from the temporary nature of foster care. Even though you have already been foster parents and undergone previous foster home studies, the same legal requirements will apply to you as they would to any other adoptive parent.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Fostering a child can be a rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a child's life and help them grow into a healthy, happy adult. To become a foster parent, please contact Lifespan Family Services today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and get you started on the process.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, please contact us below or call (814) 375-1314.

Thank you for your interest in helping children in need!

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