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Birth Mothers

Giving a family a child to raise is a great choice! With modern adoptions, there are adoptive families that are willing to allow you to continue contact at some level with your child. Many are happy to have been given the gift of a child to raise and are pleased to encourage you to have ongoing contact. You are NOT giving up on your child you are giving them a new opportunity to have a quality life!

Lifespan Family Services will help you and your baby choose a loving family...

  • We can help link you to a family that will allow you to keep in touch with your child at the level you desire and will help put the agreement in writing.
  • Just because you choose adoption, does NOT mean you cannot see your child.
  • Some birth moms are happy with once a year school pictures and report cards, some want annual visits, others even more frequently
  • Whatever your wish we will work to help you meet your needs!
  • Giving someone your child does not mean he or she is gone forever!
  • There is no greater blessing than to give the gift of life to your baby and a loving new family.
  • Let us, help you and your child.

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