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Giving, to Make a Difference

Help give a better life to a child who needs a stable home and family. You can offer your support in a variety of ways, including donating clothing or monetary gifts. Find out more about how you can help make a difference.

Shoes & Clothing

If you have any clothing you wish to donate, our business maintains a clothing room sorted by size and gender where foster children may pick clothing to keep. We are always giving and receiving various sizes.

Tax Exemption

When you give monetary donations, it is greatly appreciated and recognized. We can afford you the opportunity to deduct any monetary or in kind contribution to LifeSpan Family Services of PA from your income tax obligation. We can provide you with a receipt for your donation to allow for proper deduction from tax obligations.

Special Needs

LifeSpan Family Services of PA has an ongoing need for essential items, such as undergarments, jackets, and bed accessories. Foster parents often need more sheets and comforters to keep children warm and comfortable in their new home, and we often replace mattresses when a child has a bed wetting condition. Specific items we especially need include:

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Undergarments (We Don't Like to Give Used Undergarments)
  • Jackets (Both Light for Fall & Spring, & Heavy for Winter)
  • Boots
  • Rain Gear
  • Clean Bedding
  • Twin Beds & Sheets
  • Blankets & Comforters
  • Mattresses

LifeSpan Family Services of PA is incorporated under the laws of the Pennsylvania Department of State as a nonprofit corporation. The United States Internal Revenue Services has approved our organization as a tax exempt 501 (c)(3).