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Why Donate?

Welcome to our donation page, where you have the incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of foster children. Your generosity can provide them with hope, stability, and the chance to build a brighter future. By making a monetary donation today, you become a catalyst for change, empowering these vulnerable children to overcome their challenges and thrive. Join us in this mission to create a nurturing environment and help them discover their true potential.

Creating Stability

Foster children often face a lack of stability in their lives. With your donation, we can offer them a safe and secure environment, stability they may have never experienced before. Your support enables us to provide loving foster families, safe housing, and basic necessities, creating a sense of belonging and security for these children.

Empowering Futures

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. By donating, you empower foster children to dream, believe, and achieve. Your contribution opens doors to opportunities such as extracurricular activities, vocational training, mentorship programs, and scholarships, ensuring they have a fair chance at success.

Breaking the Cycle

Your generosity helps break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and instability. By investing in foster children, you offer them a chance to break free from the challenges they've faced and create a positive trajectory for their lives. Your donation has a lasting impact, not only on the individual child but on their future families and communities.

A Community Effort

Together, we can create a community that supports and uplifts foster children. Your donation encourages others to join the cause, fostering a culture of compassion and empathy. By raising awareness and encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to donate, you become a vital part of this collective effort to provide a better future for foster children.

How to Donate:

Making a monetary donation is quick and easy. You can donate through our secure PayPal portal.

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Alternatively, you can mail a check to our main office:
LifeSpan Family Services
203 Lane Avenue
Punxsutawney, PA 15767


Every donation, regardless of the amount, makes a significant impact and brings us closer to our mission of improving the lives of foster children. Thank you for your generosity!

Your Donations in Action: Impacting Foster Children's Lives

Your generous monetary donations directly contribute to the well-being and support of foster children in our care. Here are some specific examples of how your contributions make a meaningful difference:

  • Specialized Dietary Needs: Your donations help us provide foster parents with the necessary resources to address special dietary needs. This includes purchasing special foods for children with allergies or medical conditions, such as gluten-free diets. By ensuring proper nutrition, we prioritize the health and well-being of each child in our care.
  • Bedding, Shoes, and Clothing: Foster children may require more frequent replacements of bedding, shoes, and clothing due to the trauma they have experienced. Your donations assist foster parents in meeting these extra expenses, ensuring that every child has comfortable and appropriate essentials.
  • Bedwetting Solutions: Some foster children may experience bedwetting due to the challenges they face. Your contributions help cover the cost of replacing sheets and mattresses, allowing foster parents to create a clean and comfortable sleeping environment for the children.
  • Transportation and Meal Expenses: Foster parents often need to transport children to various appointments, including medical, therapeutic, and educational activities. Your donations help alleviate the financial burden on foster parents, covering additional meal purchases and transportation costs incurred during these trips.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Your donations also provide opportunities for foster children to participate in extracurricular activities. From sports teams to art classes, music lessons to dance programs, these activities play a vital role in their personal growth and development. Your support allows foster children to explore their talents, build confidence, and create cherished memories. Your donations open doors to new experiences, friendships, and positive outlets for self-expression. It empowers foster children to discover their passions, develop skills, and thrive in areas that interest them. These activities not only enhance their well-being but also contribute to their overall happiness and sense of belonging.


We are immensely grateful for your generosity in helping us provide foster children with a nurturing and enriching environment. Your donation creates lasting impact, shaping their lives and giving them hope for a brighter future. Please consider making a donation today and join us in making a difference in the lives of foster children. Together, we can provide them with the support and opportunities they truly deserve.

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