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Support Your Child Through Worship

Faith Based

LifeSpan Family Services of PA and its management support the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and pledge that every child shall have the full support of the agency in the full expression of their faith.

Religious Worship

All foster parents are encouraged to allow the children to read their Bibles or other church related materials, pray as often as their faith mandates, and attend the religious services of their choice.

Having Faith

Prayer has been scientifically proven to calm and reduce anxiety in both children and adults. Having faith is one of the best supports a child can have.

Freedom to Practice

Our founding fathers were wise to recognize that a person's faith is sacrosanct and should be supported and protected. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

"Anyone inhibiting a child in their free expression of their faith of origin, or preventing the child from attending worship services, praying, or following their faith's obligations, shall be severely reprimanded and or terminated."
Patrick S., Founder

Church & Community Partnering

Nothing could be more important than helping a child in need. Abused or neglected children come with many needs, you can help meet those needs by partnering with LifeSpan Family Services to help provide resources to children placed in our care.

If your church or community organization would like to help develop a children's ministry or outreach focus we can partner with you to help make it a success.

Happy Kids
  • Need a speaker for your meetings or events? We can provide a real foster care/adoption professional to help explain the process and our needs.
  • Can you donate financially or with your time?
  • Would you help collect clothing and other items the children need? (toys, bikes, coats, shoes, other clothing needs or sporting equipment?)
  • Would you be willing to help refer children in need to your membership?
  • Would you like to volunteer regularly or at special events?
  • Would you like to help with holiday events? (maybe a special holiday meal or gathering to honor foster parents or for the children themselves?)
  • Would you let your facility be used for meetings, trainings or conferences? Maybe even for a safe place for the kids to visit their families of origin?

  • Perhaps help transport indigent family members to have visits with their children or grandchildren in care?
  • Perhaps donate a vehicle that could have your organizations name on it, (e.g. "This van donated by the Church on the Hill," etc.)
  • Donations of ink, paper, toner or other office supplies would help the agency use funds for other purposes.
  • Donations of diapers of all sizes, would help foster parents save money for other purposes.
  • Bedding, sheets, pillows, blankets, twin mattresses, mattress pads, etc., are always welcome as that helps relieve the burden of foster parents having to purchase these items with their own monies, and helps the agency avoid spending on these items also.
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LifeSpan Family Services is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit social services agency with a main focus of helping abused or neglected children have safe, fulfilling foster homes in the communities we operate in.

Any donations can be tax deductible. Receipts are always available for even a small clothing donation.