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Faith Based

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Why do we encourage helping to nurture faith with foster families?

Faith builds hope and gives many people a reason to look forward, savor their life, and do good in their community and families. Faith yields strong beliefs and encourages healthy behaviors. Certainly, all people of faith are not perfect. Still, there is a heavy focus on earning one’s salvation and developing strong family values that help yield a good work ethic, responsibility, and concern for humanity. In today’s world, we see a general reduction in such focus, and chaos continues to grow! Think of what many call the “good ole days,” Those were times when faith was not questioned but expected, encouraged, not poked fun at, and it helped focus our society on helping others.

Prayer Requests

Pray for patience for the foster parents and children to adjust to each other. When thrust into someone else’s home, tensions are high. Foster children already feel a sense of loss at being removed from their birth homes and often act out at least initially when placed.

Pray for peace for the biological families to understand that their children being removed may be temporary, especially if they address issues brought to the attention of the placing county. They also need to understand the foster parents are not their enemy.

Pray for friends and family members to have patience and be supportive of their friends that are fostering. They may deal with emotions and behaviors that many people may prefer not to deal with. Understand your friend or family member is committed to helping children in need.

Pray for the children and families to embrace prayer and faith. Studies have shown that prayer really does help. Faith can calm and give a person a reason to keep moving forward in life.

Pray for the foster parents to be aware that the public holds them to a higher standard than other parents. We often receive calls about how a foster family talks, what their political comments are, if they act unfair in business dealings and how they discipline and interact with the children. People are highly critical and foster parents must be always mindful that “eyes are upon them” and their character should always be as much above reproach as possible.

Pray that God would raise up more doctors and nurses in your area who are passionate about using their gifts and profession to bring healing and hope to children in foster care.

Pray siblings can remain together while in foster care in safe and encouraging environments.

Pray for the advocates of children in foster care, pray they are encouraged to do all they can do to speak for the children.

Pray that the President, legislators, governors, mayors and other elected officials will use their power and influence to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Pray that cycles of abuse will be broken when abusers reach out for help to the churches and agencies to find healing.

Pray for the kids in foster care in your local schools that they would find friends and encourage compassionate teachers who help them through tough times.

Pray that Kinship providers would have the emotional, spiritual, financial, and other resources to provide a safe home for children form their family.

Pray the law enforcement officers in your community would be well equipped to engage in their roles as protection of the weak, including children who experience abuse or neglect.

Pray lawyers and judges would have the eyes to see the specific needs of children in foster care.

Pray that the teachers in the school systems and daycares would be aware of the unique needs children in foster care may have and that teachers would have the tools and knowledge needed to respond to these needs.

Pray that God would lead children in foster care to work through the hurt they have experienced in their past.

Need to pray to God, asking him to guide and strengthen every person involved in the life of a child in foster care.

Pray for our agency as we support the foster families and children in our care while juggling our own personal lives.

Pray foster children will know God and learn about his teachings by going to Vacation Bible School, Church Socials, Sunday School and other events in the Lord’s house.

Pray they can participate in sporting activities, go on trips with their foster families, skip a rock across the lake for the first time, learn to ride a bike, have a family movie night, feel safe in their home, etc.