Life Transitioning

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Helping Your Child
Transition Into Adulthood

At Lifespan Family Services, we recognize the importance of introducing children to adulthood. We support the federal government's efforts to provide ongoing support up until age 21 and continually encourage them throughout their lives. We’re here to support you as you help prepare your foster kids for adulthood.

Working together, we can:

  • Provide reassurance to the children that they do not need to move out when they are 18
  • Encourage the children to seek educational pursuits -- college, technical or trade schools, and community colleges
  • Teach them basic financial skills and provide them with awareness of the cost of living alone
  • Launch your foster children into their future; continue providing a home and family support for their efforts
  • Seek mentors for your child to build awareness and the abilities needed to become truly independent in a successful way

Staying Connected

Our foster family experts at Lifespan Family Services encourage foster parents to allow their home to be a permanent family home. This can be possible by having foster children visit for holidays, school breaks, and other family gatherings. Family connections are important; we hope foster families can establish a permanent family connection with their older foster children.

The Transition Period

Children are naturally inclined to wonder what they will do when they approach age 18. It’s of utmost importance for them to make wise decisions at this time of life transition. A lack of preparation and awareness of running a household can lead to poor decisions that can lead to arrest and more.

It’s increasingly important for foster children not to be left alone during this time. Despite a natural desire for independence, proper support at this time is vitally important. This is strongly supported by studies that show non-foster children are at home until age 22. At this time, necessary additional support is received in teaching many life lessons, including saving money, gaining an education, learning a trade, and more.

Birth Mothers

Putting your child up for adoption doesn’t mean you won’t see them again or even be involved in their life. There is always an abundance of families desiring to allow birth mothers to continue to have some level of contact with their children. Fortunately, many adoptive families love having the chance to raise a child while encouraging the mother to have ongoing communication.

Giving your baby up for adoption can give them an opportunity for an enhanced quality of life. Contact us for more information on our work with birth mothers.

Lifespan Family Services will help you and your baby choose a loving family...

  • We can help link birth mothers to a family in Western and Central Pennsylvania that will allow you to keep in touch with your child at the desired level and help put the agreement in writing.
  • If you choose adoption, it does NOT mean you cannot see your child.
  • Some birth moms are happy with once-a-year school pictures and report cards. Some want annual visits. And others even desire more frequent interaction.
  • Whatever your wish, we will work to help you meet your needs!
  • Giving someone your child does not mean they are gone forever!
  • There is no greater blessing than giving your baby the gift of life and a loving new family.
  • Let us help you and your child.

Faith-Based Services

At Lifespan Family Services, we support the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and our mission is to see that every child has the full support of our foster parenting agency services in fully expressing their faith.

Freedom to Practice

Our management team supports our founding fathers who were wise to recognize that a person's faith is important for their livelihood and should be supported and protected.

Patrick, our founder, issued the following statement in support of our stance on upholding the importance of one’s faith: "Anyone inhibiting a child in their free expression of their faith of origin or preventing the child from attending worship services, praying, or following their faith's obligations, shall be severely reprimanded and or terminated."

Religious Worship

We believe that foster parents should offer an opportunity to help their children practice fully in their faith. All foster parents are encouraged to allow the children to read their Bibles or other church-related materials, pray whenever they wish, and attend the religious services of their choice.

Church and Community Partnering

Here at Lifespan Family Services, we can help develop a children's ministry or outreach focus and make it a success. If your church or organization is interested in boosting the faith of the youth in our community, contact us for more information.

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